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Coming Spring 2017

In a world where reproduction is strictly controlled and transgressions punished, they are society’s rejects. Unwanted and unloved, they are raised in orphanages until age twelve, then taken beyond the Boundary and left to fend for themselves, to survive or perish. One child was different, though he didn’t know it. He was wanted, he was loved, though his mother did what she must. Wild Children is a story of abandonment and survival, of hope and determination, and of a love that refused to die.

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A Widow's Walk Off-Grid to Self-Reliance

A Widow’s Walk Off-Grid to Self-Reliance
By Annie Dodds

An inspiring, true story of Courage and Determination.

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Amazon reader reviews as of September, 2016 - 4.7 out of 5 stars

Summer of the Eagles by Jackie Clay

Summer of the Eagles
By Jackie Clay
(Jess Hazzard series, Book 1)

A story of perseverance and stamina, of a man determined to overcome his past and make his dream of a future a reality.

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Amazon reader reviews as of September, 2016 - 4.8 out of 5 stars

Autumn of the Loons

Autumn of the Loons
By Jackie Clay
(Jess Hazzard series, Book 2)

After a madman and his vicious gunmen violate his home and family, Jess straps on the gun he hoped to never again wear, and sets out to recover his kidnapped son and avenge his brutalized wife.

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Amazon reader reviews as of September, 2016 - 4.9 out of 5 stars


Winter of the Wolves
By Jackie Clay
(Jess Hazzard series, Book 3)

Will the young man who vowed to kill Jess follow through with his plan for vengeance against the man who just saved him from certain death?

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Amazon reader reviews as of September, 2016 - 5.0 out of 5 stars

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Culmination by Holly Smith

By Holly Smith

What would you do if, overnight, the world changed; if power grids were destroyed and a mutant virus began killing most of humanity; if those who remained began starving when food supplies ran out? Would you be prepared to survive? Ethan, Ilana, and their three new friends were. Or were they?

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Plain Shane
By Dee Mann

With the help of her new roommates, and a new special friend, Shane overcomes her shyness and finds life leading her down paths she only once imagined. More…

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Coffee in Common
By Dee Mann

Join Jillian, Paul, Rob, Priya, Lisa, and others as they experience the most amazing month of their lives, a month of revelations and challenges in which new friendships are formed, new loves are found, and old loves are renewed. More…

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By Dee Mann

Seven short stories that prove you never know where and when love will strike. More….