RebelFire 1.0: Out of the Gray Zone

By Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman

Jeremy has a dream: To be the greatest lightmaker for the greatest west coast rock band, RebelFire. But what can he do? He's just a kid. A kid trapped in a prison-like school.

Trapped in a world where dreams are "treated" with drugs – and roving patrols make sure you take your dose.

Trapped in the Zone, where travel without a permit is impossible.

Trapped under the all-controlling eye of spycams, sensors, and monitors.

Trapped by the chip in his wrist that regulates everything Jeremy can – or can't – do.

Trapped in a world where some far-off control freak can even decide what music he's allowed – or forbidden – to hear.

Jeremy's only choice is to shut up and do as he's ordered. But some people were never meant to be controlled ... Enter the world of RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone.

RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone