Wild Children

By Hannah Ross

In a post-war world, where reproduction is strictly controlled and transgressions severely punished, they are society's rejects -- the less-than-perfect and the illegal, third-child "accidents". Unwanted and unloved, they are raised by the government in an orphanage until age twelve, then taken beyond the Boundary to fend for themselves.

One child was different. Born in secret and hidden by his mother for three months, he was wanted and loved. But reason prevailed. A third child meant a lifetime of concealment, a lifetime of fear and loneliness, and discovery would mean social and financial ruin for his parents and siblings. So one rainy night, his mother did what she must, walked up the path to the orphanage, and surrendered him.

Twelve years later, he and nine classmates are given backpacks and some supplies, bussed out of the city to the wild, and left to their fate.

Wild Children is a story of abandonment and survival, of hope and determination, and of a love that refused to die.

Wild Children

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