Summer of the Eagles

Summer of the Eagles by Jackie Clay

By Jackie Clay

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For five long years they tried to break him, but could not.

As he rides through the gates of the hellhole called the Wyoming Territorial Prison, Jess Hazzard's only desire is to get far away from people as fast as possible. Sitting atop the old, worn-out sorrel they gave him, he has only his meager gear, his guns, and his reputation.

Loathed for being half Apache, feared for his lightning-fast draw and deadly aim, and distrusted wherever he rides, he heads for the mountains to rest his soul and avoid the trouble that has dogged him his whole life. Little does he know his horse and a wounded man will soon set him on a new trail, one that will force him to question his beliefs, and survive being shot, beaten, blinded, and more as life challenges him in ways he never imagined possible.

Summer of the Eagles is a story of perseverance, and stamina; of a man determined to overcome his past and make his dream of a future a reality.

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