By Hannah Ross

For many decades, the White Tower government barricaded the population inside the Boundary, creating an oasis of civilization and stability in a war-ravaged world. Now ambition trumps caution as the Tower begins an expansion campaign, reclaiming abandoned lands and all but enslaving the Wild Children or, as they prefer to be called, the Freeborn — the non-status people it formerly cast out as a useless burden to society.

Priscilla, the rebellious daughter of former President Alexander Dahl, has no need to fear the legal implications of the new law. Her birth to a ruling family and former social status will ensure her safety and prosperity and that of her wilding husband Benjamin and their baby son. But spurred on by their sense of justice, Priscilla and Ben cast their lot with the Freeborn and join a fight for independence and lasting freedom that may escalate into an all-out war.

Will the Freeborn be able to finally and forever throw off the yoke of the White Tower? Or will they be crushed by a ruthless force that knows no mercy? Find out in Freeborn, Book #3 in the Wild Children Series.

Freeborn - Wild Children series Book #3

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