The Hourglass

By Hannah Ross

Times are changing inside and outside the Boundary. Many citizens are becoming restless, moving out to resettle the wilderness. Those already outside, especially the once-abandoned children who are now young adults, find having more neighbors brings both blessings and problems.

Within the Boundary, President Dahl has renewed his quest for the life-extension formula as he faces reelection. Confident of victory, he is unaware his youngest daughter, Priscilla, is determined to sabotage his campaign and end his evil reign. When she runs away and slips across the Boundary, she discovers people and lives that are nothing like what she imagined and was taught, and soon finds herself in the company of the now-older Wild Children.

Aided by illegally born Benjamin Grey and others, she eludes the government agents searching for her and bides her time, knowing every day of her absence worsens the scandal she hopes will destroy her father's popularity. And as Ben shows her more and more of his wild, untamed world, she finds herself facing a choice between freedom and forbidden love, and a return to a cloistered life of luxury, privilege, and power.

Will Dahl sacrifice his daughter to his ambitions? Will Priscilla be able to elude capture and turn the course of the election? And how will the Wild Children deal with the unexpected return of an old enemy? Discover the answers and more in The Hourglass, Book Two of the Wild Children series.

The Hourglass - Wild Children series Book #2

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