Bookmarks Giveaway

5 FREE Bookmarks

We have limited quantities of the five pictured bookmarks and would like to give them away to folks who like to read, or like to collect bookmarks. (By limited quantities we mean 800 to 1000 sets, but we didn’t count, we guessed) All are full-size. (2″ x 6″)

To get 5 FREE bookmarks:

1. Get two #10 envelopes (Business size)
2. Affix 1 first class stamp to each envelope.
3. Write your name and address, with zip code, on one envelope (and as the return address), fold it in thirds, and place it inside the other envelope.
4. Seal the envelope and mail it to:

Free Bookmarks
Mason Marshall Press
PO Box 324
Medford, MA 02155-0004

Please note: Quantities of some bookmarks are more limited than others. If we run out of one, we’ll include a second of one that is available. Sorry, we cannot fill custom requests.

While we will do our best to send bookmarks out quickly, please allow a week or two or six for the bookmarks to arrive in case we get swamped with requests.

They are free because we are not charging anything for the bookmarks, or the time and labor of opening your request, putting the bookmarks into the return envelope, sealing it, and bringing it to the Post Office. If we were giving them away in a store, you would come to the store, not expect us to deliver them to your home at our expense. The envelopes and stamps are how you get to our “store” and get them delivered to you.

IMPORTANT THING #1: This offer is available ONLY to street addresses and Post Office Boxes within the United States and those possessions where one U.S. First Class stamp is sufficient postage. Limit: One offer per street address or Post Office Box.

IMPORTANT THING #2: DO NOT JUST SEND A STAMP. We cannot supply return envelopes. Any loose stamps sent will be collected and donated to a local charity.

STUFF LAWYERS LIKE TO SEE: This offer is null, void, and no darn good wherever such offers are prohibited, regulated, taxed, coordinated, managed, monitored, organized, standardized, supervised, adapted, adjusted, arranged, directed, fixed, governed, ordered, ruled, set, settled, or systematized, or otherwise frowned upon by local, state, Federal, or Postal authorities, or your Spouse, Partner, Significant Other, or Parents. If you send a request for Bookmarks, you are responsible for all adverse consequences.

Our sole responsibility is to send you 5 bookmarks if you follow the instructions and we have not run out of bookmarks. We are not responsible for late, lost, or misdirected mail or anything else that prevents your request from reaching us or the bookmarks from reaching you.

Each person requesting the FREE bookmarks waives the right to claim any damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to, punitive, consequential, direct, or indirect damages.

Five Bookmarks - Front
Five Bookmarks - Rear