Coffee in Common

By Dee Mann

All Jillian wanted that fine May morning was to pick up the coffee order for herself and her two work friends, just as she had done every third workday for several years. How could she know a chance, silly comment to the barista might change her life forever?

All Paul wanted that morning was for his best friend Rob to stop talking about baseball so he could concentrate on deciding whether to order one of Gil’s amazing blueberry muffins or a cinnamon-raisin bagel with cream cheese. How could he know that in a few seconds he’d find himself yelling in the ear of the woman in front of them?

All Priya wanted was to enjoy having finally found a job where her talent was valued and her looks irrelevant. How could she know her workmate’s reaction to a comment in a coffee shop would set in motion events that might make all her dreams come true?

It’s spring, 2004. Join Jillian, Paul, Rob, Priya, Lisa, and others as they experience the most amazing month of their lives, a month of revelations and challenges in which new friendships are formed, new loves are found, and old loves are renewed.

Includes a Boston map with points of interest from the story.